Full-stack Software Engineer Intern

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Full-stack Software Engineer Intern

As a Full-stack Software Engineer Intern, you will be taking a crucial part in the development of SenseLife – an application to bridge tenants and PHYSEE’s SmartSkin system for optimizing indoor climates and comfort. As part of this internship, you will be responsible for the development, integration and implementation of web-based solutions that support our next-gen full-stack software application. With mentoring from Senior Software Engineers and Senior UX Designer, the intern will utilize multiple technologies and frameworks, and be able to use skills in multiple systems and maintenance.

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This is just the beginning and we want you to be a part of it.

PHYSEE is on a mission to make all building smart and power-generating. To achieve that, PHYSEE software team has the vision to develop a client-facing web-based application to increase comfort in user experience and facilitates communication between various products.

As a Full-stack Software Engineer Intern, you will be able to deliver a product together with the software design team to an actual user and improve their livability. During this internship (4-6 months), you will be working directly with the Software Team to develop the full-stack application from scratch. With that being said, you will receive a lot of autonomy to not only code but also making micro-architectural decisions, under the guidance of Senior Software Engineers.

Our software engineers design for quality and reuse, componentization, resilience, and multi-threading, and at the same time you should be willing to get your hands dirty and dive deep into all kinds of problems that come your way.

What you’ll be doing?:

  • Development and maintenance of application code (HTML, CSS, React, Node.js, Postgres, etc.).
  • Work on further usability, performance improvement, or quality assurance, including bug fixes and test automation.
  • Development and maintenance of the unit and integration testing (Jest).
  • Participate in pair-programming sessions and code reviews with Senior Software Engineers.
  • Discuss new features and collaborate with the software and UX team, commercial product manager, and product owner.

Who we’re looking for?

  • You have (some) experience developing rich applications with HTML/CSS/JS.
  • You have (some) experience with a front-end framework (React, Angular, Vue.js)
  • You have (some) experience with npm and Node.js technologies.
  • Bonus point if you have knowledge of generative user research methodologies and have experience in conducting qualitative user research.
  • You are fluent in English (both written and verbally)

What you can expect?

  • Be part of a growing organization, with the mission of transforming the built environment into a smart, sustainable, and healthy eco-system
  • Have variety in your daily activities through active knowledge sharing, presentations,
  • Work-life balance
  • Open environment to express your opinion and share new ideas
  • Work in an English environment, with 12 different nationalities
  • Daily lunch & fruits (when we’re in the office)
  • Weekly fitness Bootcamp on Monday’s (PHYSEEO).
  • Fun events and Friday drinks every six weeks.
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Our Core Values

Each PHYSEEonair brings unique mentalities, customs and skillsets to the table, but we're binded by these values. They reflect what we stand for as a company and how we conduct our business on a day-to-day basis. We are proud to have a group of 45 curious, ambitious, quirky and adventurous PHYSEEonairs and that these values continue to drive our growth. 

"My motivation to work at PHYSEE has been the people (“PHYSEEonairs”) from the start until today. Focusing on first the who and then the what is in my opinion the key formula to success. 

Solco Reijnders, Head of Projects


You're part of a young and fast growing company wanting to change the world’s perspective of a sustainable future. Your work matters at PHYSEE. 

Your colleagues are funny, creative and supportive! With different nationalities, deep passion and energy, PHYSEEonairs make work exciting. Work-life balance -or in our lingo: "Plan it Happy"- is key.

We organise cool events that you can join, such as Strategy Day, PHunday, PowerEvent, Christmas party but we also have weekly Friday drinks with pingpong matches and a monthly PHYSEE XL.

We love Xtra activities. Join us in educating kids with GESTE Summer School, improve your project management skills with PHYSEE GO or help us improve our culture and way of working with PHYcista. 

We are healthy. We love sports. We stay active with weekly PHYSEEo (bootcamp), PHYoga, PHYSki trip and fresh fruit every single day. 

Open knowledge sharing in a creative way. Every Friday we host interdepartmental brainstorms and have daily '4 O'clock' breaks to give your mind a break while learning about new topics. 


Pim Rutgers

Head of Smart Domain

Heidi Mao

Full Stack Developer

Shane Yao

Full Stack Developer

Juan Alonso Pla

R&D Intern

Arjen Jellema

Embedded Hardware Engineer